iDestroy War Ant & Bug Killer

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iDestroy is a simulation game where you destroy bugs endlessly In iDestroy you are the ultimate bug killer: Tapping, Smashing, Burning, Freezing and shooting the bloody bugs. Demolish insects in your pocket with crazy and insane weapons of destruction 100+ Bugs to demolish 40+ Weapons to destroy enemies Be the ultimate bug exterminator Blast, Shoot, Burn, Bomb, DESTROY * Bloody warfare, Guns and bugs * Insane amount of blood * Lay high explosive mine traps, call in Airstrikes and declare Victory over the bugs * Shoot holes in your phone and fool others to think its broken * Blast Zombies with bombs and torture bugs with awesome war machines * Epic ant smashing game that relieves stress in no time with its endless gameplay. * Be creative Demolish bugs with Missiles, Gasoline, Mine bombs, Gun Towers, Poison baits & Laser Fences. Get rid of your stress now, you deserve it ★★★ DOWNLOAD iDestroy NOW FOR FREE ★★★ Weapon And Attack Categories A)Nuclear Weapons: Battle your way into the heart of the Ant Hill territory Kill Insects on the battlefield with High-Explosive Mines and Nuclear BombsThe weapons in this Nuclear Weapons Category include: # Nuclear Bombs # Mine bombs # Grenades # Plastic Explosive # Minefield Drop # Homing Missile # Dynamite # Missiles # Omega blast # TNT B)Bombs & Rockets Weapons : Sky rocket your way through bug chaosThe weapons included in this category are: # Cannonballs # Jumping Bomb # laser bombs # Air striker # Air bomber # Hailstorm of rockets C)Guns:Shoot the hell out of all the ants and bugs in the game.Various types of guns that you can use in Idestroy include: # Minigun # Airgun # Machine Gun # Shotgun # Paintball Gun D)Saws: Shake your device to push the bugs into gigantic Saws.Various saws available in Idestroy are: # Rotary Saw # Double Rotary Saw # Double Buzzsaws # Quad-Buzzsaws E)Demolition Weapons : Freeze enemies Explode, bomb, burn & hammer them into ice cubesVarious demolition weapons that you can use in IDestroy include: # Freeze Ray # Mighty Freeze storm # Shrink Ray your prey F)Element Attacks:Epic defense, use the power of the elements # Lightning Storm # Shock Wave G)Storm Weapons: Use various natural disasters to kill your enemies # Nailgun # Rocket Hailstorm # Snowstorm # Anvil Rain H)Fire Attacks:Use various kinds of fire to kill your enemies # Gasoline # Fire Grenade # Flamethrower I) Foods Weapons : Deceive bugs and kill them with the delicious: # Explosion Bait # Poisoned Apple and Bread J) Tower Defense: Use Various towers to defend you from those ants and bugs: # Flamethrower Tower # Minigun Tower ★★★ Various Bug VICTIMS In IDestroy ★★★ # Mosquitos # Flies # Bees + their nests # Cockroaches # Sowbugs # Ticks # Worms # Spiders # Ants + ant hills # Black Widows # Waterbugs # Ladybugs # Black Bugs # Zombies # Earwigs Our promise to you: iDestroy, contains no references to sex, pornography, naked people, porn, adult images or videos, gambling, poker, casino and bullying. ★TRY IT NOW FOR FREE ★ The game is totally free, free of cost, gratis If you like guns, tanks, ammo, war, warfare or destruction with blood and gore, this is the game for you So download & get rid of your stress, NOW ★★★ PLAY IDESTROY NOW ★★★

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