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English speaking is not hard, everything you need is: English vocabulary to understand English exactly Listening English sentences fully (because people speak English complete sentences, not word by word) Speaking English complete sentences in order to speak them fluently (dont speak word by word) English grammar is only for reading and writing (you dont have time to think about grammar while you are speaking) Learn English naturally by listening = understanding = speaking This app follows all above tips to help you speak English fluently. ----- Presentation skill is one of most important soft skills nowadays. Communication skills in English are vital for international students or officers in multinational companies. You are a student and d like to present something in English for friends or lecturers at university? You are an employee and d like to make presentations in English for your colleagues or boss in company? You d like to prepare for a perfect presentation in English? You d like to apply to a good position in multinational companies, which require good presentation skills as well as English language skills ? Congrats, this app is for you. We collect and provide most important English vocabulary, phrases and examples, which are frequently used in presentations in English. All of them are divided into 6 lessons below : + INTRODUCTION + EFFECTIVE OPENINGS + DISCUSS MAIN PART + NUMBERS, VISUALS + CONCLUSION + QUESTIONS & ANSWERS which correspond to essential parts of a presentation. Effortless English approach, which is applied in this app, will help you study English easier by natural process : listening = understanding = speaking English PRACTICE part will help you practice COMPLETE SENTENCES, which are essential for fluent understanding, speaking English. English TEST part will help you test COMPLETE SENTENCES, which are learned from lessons as well as PRACTICE. English WRITING part will help you practice listening and writing essential sentences frequently used in presentations. This will help you listen better as well as remember all important vocabulary and sentences for your presentations. Feature SPEAK FLUENTLY will allow you practice speaking with any vocabulary (pronunciation) and sentences you want. Just type or paste your own vocabulary or sentences and let the application help you speak them correctly. Most important tips for your successful presentations are also provided in TOP TIPS part. This app is not only to help you quickly learn English for presentations, but also to help you have a good preparation for successful presentations. It is also useful to learn English for business conversations, daily English at work as well as English for commerce. Its never too early to improve your English and presentation skills as well as dont miss any opportunities to show your great skills to your boss. Feel free to try it now.

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