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Learn French Conversation With everything you need in everyday life Most of the phrases you need to speak the native language perfectly The correct pronunciation of each phrase in the French language Conversation in the following cases: meet people and welcome them essential phrases Telling the Time Age and birthdays smoking Talking to agents Traffic dates university Love and marriage Pets religion Sport time Phrases in public places Ask someone what it is or was Ask for details of a phone call Ask how someone is Ask someone what they will do the car Symptoms of disease Good food the weather Family and relationships the work Flirt and give compliments The school the tryst music The hobbies and interests The time and date Lifestyles emergencies Ask a tryst Doctor home at the gas station Signs Mechanical problems Make understanding and friendship saying goodbye opportunities feelings Language and communication The thanks and sorry Seek and express the opinion About the work Frequently Asked Questions call whats new ? and in 1 September we added a new subject to this app : travel conversation app included and inside it the following : Most of the phrases you will need to travel Here are some phrases that you will need when you travel, whether by land, air or sea, some of the regulations that you will see at the airport, if you want to rent a car Or reserve a hotel or if you go to the bank or you need to use the automatic exchange machine, these are some English expressions that will have to be used. About a thousand sentence in each of the following positions: Rent a car Hotel accommodation Talk to people Shopping Hotel booking in Travel by bus and train Travel by boat Air travel Travel Question for directions Food and drink Hotels and accommodation Museums and galleries Departure Fast food Passports and customs Buy tickets Phrases you may see in the market Phrases you might see at the airport Phrases may deem Phrases you may see at the train station On board In the hotel In the bank In the tourist information office In the Office of Travel A practical example in the hotel

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