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⭐Muay Thai is a martial arts style, self - defense, from Thailand that is similar to kickboxing.Muay Thai is also known for its powerful kicking techniques. Muay Thai is a World Games sport. 👊Learn Muay Thai : -Learn Muay Thai Punches -Learn Muay Thai Elbow -Learn Muay Thai Kicks -Learn Muay Thai Knee ✅Offline No internet needed. Offline videos for every strike. You can play any video without internet. ⭐Easy to use Only one page and one drawer to select strike from it. 🎬Video High quality video for every strike. Every video has two parts: 1-Slow motion. 2-Normal motion. 💯All Strikes Punches - Elbow - Kicks - Knee - Advanced Video for every strike. Description for every strike. 💖Favorite You can add your favorite strikes to a separated list (favorite list). 🌟Level up system Challenge yourself and level up while learning the strikes. Advanced strikes are unlocked when you level up. ❓How to level up : 1-Open the app every day. 2-Learn how to do every strike. 3-Spend time watching strikes videos. 4-Add strikes to favorite list. 5-Share the app with your family and your friends. (Help them learning martial arts to protect themselves). Credit: Action Bar Style - by Jeff Gilfelt Trophy icon - by

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