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Listen to and watch our most popular English learning podcasts and videos in LearnEnglish Audio & Video The app is packed with lots of cool features like landscape video mode, an audioscript and glossary. Improve your listening and learn new vocabulary on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere With LearnEnglish Audio & Video, you can access the best podcasts and video brought to you by our LearnEnglish website, as well as lots of special features. The podcasts and videos dont require internet streaming, so you can access the content even when youre away from your computer Features include: * Interactive audioscripts for every episode of content * Interactive keyword glossaries for every episode of content * Comprehension exercises for every episode of content, with Progress screen so you can track your progress * Media players for both audio and video content * Full screen video player when device is in landscape orientation * Organise media content in the ‘My content library. Content is listed by series or episode * Buy additional podcasts and videos for more listening practice * Share what youre watching and listening to through Facebook, Twitter and Email with integrated social media If you like our app, dont forget to rate it in your Google Play store. Thanks, and happy listening and watching Get more great apps from the British Council at: http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/mobile-learning

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