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Learn Speak Korean Flashcards prepare a lot of Korean words, phrases and dialogues carefully. Each dialogue has a standard pronunciation,you can also compare learning English with learning Korean. Either you can listen to the standard pronunciation of Korean dialogue, but also you can record your own pronunciation, so that you can improve the ability of listening, speaking and reading , and master the art of conversation. By Reading out loudly, then we can do it comparing with standard pronunciation, correct your pronunciation. All the themes are free Now Happy : ✔ The results of the pronunciation shows as cheers, applause, regret representative to perfect, in general, poor ✔ Switching conversation cards around Quick : ✔ Importance, difficulty marks ✔ Automatic switch dialogue cards and automatic reading ✔ Simple and convenient UI design Learn : ✔ Large number of practical vocabularies, phrases and conversations ✔ Pronunciations as respective foreign language ✔ Standard, clear audio reading ✔ Practice listening, speaking and reading ability HappyQuickLearn is a fun and efficient way to learn a language. whether you are children just talking, or learning of students, businessmen who travel frequently, or even people who is also frequented by overseas travel up . Pls make sure to download HappyQuickLearn apps. It make you to quickly integrate into the local culture, and communicate with local people. it will be useful when you encounter difficult times.

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