Landmark City : The World City




■ Larger scale Build your own landmark city with simple operation. Citizens are expected to acknowledge the ability of the mayor to develop not only the landmark city but also the satellite city. Develop six satellite cities together. ■ Adding a new building New buildings have been added to houses, commerces, and parks. Now, you can build and develop your city more effectively. The worlds top floor Burj Khalifa has been added as a landmark. The design of the existing landmark has changed to be more realistic. Check it out in the game. You can enjoy more immersive play with newly added buildings and landmarks. ■ New goods system By adding a diamond, it can be used for various purposes such as credit, purchase of blueprints. Are you tired of waiting for upgrade time? Please use the diamond. ■ Balancing Game The best way to earn the best credit is by doing the upgrade in an optimal way. The same proportion of the population of a house, commerce, or a park can make a lot of money. You can get the rewards in proportion to the happiness of the population upgraded and the population upgraded to the highest. Mayor, please develop the landmark city with the best combination.

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