Zoom Camera




Zoom camera is the ultimate app for voyeurs and spies. You can use Zoom camera to transform your phone into a virtual telescope or a virtual binoculars. Zoom camera can magnify images without limits. The double zoom bar is used to enlarge images very close to infinity. Zoom camera you can enlarge images beyond the limit that offer major market apps. Operating mode: - The top progress bar is for the optical zoom. The enlarged image is focused again, each time you touch the progress bar. - The bottom progress bar is for the digital zoom. The digital zoom is done entirely by the CPU, so it is possible that in some devices, the resulting image may be slower. - The optical zoom is also available without using progress bars. You can enlarge the images just with your fingers, making the pinch gesture on the screen. Enjoy Zoom camera, its free. Please if you like the app do not forget to rate it. If you have any critique, suggestion or you can improve the translation to your language, please contact me by email. Thank you.

zombie tsunami
zombie tsunami