Learn Chinese Mandarin Lite




Learn Chinese Mandarin Lite application effectively consolidates knowledge of Chinese characters and pronunciation of words in standard Mandarin. You will learn 25 basic and 10 advanced business phrases with pronunciation, draw Chinese characters with your finger and write sentences using pinyin phonetic transcription. This training is designed for students who already know the elementary basics of Mandarin Chinese. You have 4 difficulty levels and 3 learning and testing modes: 1. Pointing to characters: student see English or hear Chinese sentence and should point Chinese characters for correct translation from random list. 2. Drawing characters: student see English or hear Chinese sentence and should write correct Chinese characters by finger. Can use HELP button for see template of correct character. 3. Pointing to Pinyin words: in this mode student should point correct sequence of Pinyin words for Chinese translation. Chinese learning start with learning mode - when you see the phrase in English and hearing speech in Mandarin will be sequentially highlighted signs, to be indicated. Then go training on the following three levels of difficulty. The last level teaches to recognize phrases from the words spoken by a lecturer. In this way, you not only practice spelling but also pronunciation. In application you can purchase additional sentences from different topics. The application is an excellent means of facilitating the preparation for the HSK1 and HSK2 exam of Chinese language. App work off-line.

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