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This APP is one part of 2baby cognitive APP,much suitable for children aged 2-4.There are a lot of beautifull animals,which are usually seen in our life.It may consolidate our learning. Most children like animals very much.they always wonder what this curious animal is,what does it come from and if it is friendly,as animals appear.The curiosity drive children to learn,Its a good thing We put 24 animals in 4 scenes.Animals are from African grassland, forest, farm, ocean,they all have their own way to live.we made these into animation,to help them to know and understand.Also,it has animal puzzles,more fun ◆Key features: Natural scenery,lovable cartoon characters,very beautiful and attractive! Four different scenes:African Grassland,Forest,Farm,Ocean Every animals have their own habits Animations representing animal features,in a very easy to understand format Fun jigsaw puzzle ◆Special topic introduction: 0 3 years-old is the most important age for children in the enlightenment education.At this age,our little friends are curious about all things around them.They may question,What is it?how does it work?Why?Does it have to be like this?Parent wish they could explain everything,《A Million Q&As》may not be enough for helping them,they need more Our cognitive APP,includes【Shape】【Color】【Animals】【Plant】【Food】【Fruit】【Transportation】【Body】.It has lots of interesting games for children,helps them to know and understand by seeing,hearing and touching.We believe your children will be light-hearted to get knowledge here,come and join us! ◆About 2baby For parents,2baby not only is a learning tool,but also is the way to instill good hands-on skill in children; For children,2baby not only is a toy,but also is the key to develop their intellect with happiness. More details: If you have words, please contact us via You can also paly in the iWawa, a best parental control App:

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