Surgical Skills

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Surgical Skills – Learn how to suture will provide you with a thorough introduction to suturing and correct knot tying techniques. You will learn the basic principals of safe and correct surgical practice. 45+ educational videos will explain and show you how to optimise your clinical skills. The app is built for students and health professionals who work with wound closure. The app has been developed by a plastic surgeon, a gynaecologist and midwives with vast experience in clinical practice and the education of medical students. Contents: Wound healing theory Correct handling of instruments Needles Correct choice and handling of suture material Stable instrument tied knots Hand tied knots Self-locking knots U-sutures Mattress sutures Inverted stitches Continuous sutures Functions: • Photos, video and medical illustrations • My downloads: Your downloaded videos and sound files, which you can also use offline. • Clinical tips • Access to a database with the latest clinical research The app has been developed by GynZone in collaboration with: • Plastic surgeon Tine Engberg Damsgaard, senior consultant, PhD and external lecturer at Aarhus University • Gynaecologist Karl Møller, senior consultant, PhD and external lecturer at Aarhus University • Midwife Sara Kindberg, clinical specialist, PhD and international lecturer • Midwife Sarah Hjorth Andersen, e-learning developer

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