RRA Space Weather

Korean Space Weather Center



What is the Solar flare? Whats going on aruond the Sun and the Earth ? So, the KSWC finally developed this space weather mobile APP. It is expected that this APP is a portal site of the space weather, and provides the observation data, forecasting models and SWx monitors in real time. The KSWC was formally established as such in 2011, and 14th member of ISES(International Space Environment Service). The KSWC has dreamed of the safety Korea without space weather disaster by accurate forecasts and prompt alerts. - The main features - 1. Space weather now 2. 3-day forecast of space weather 3. forecasting models and observation data 4. Space weather effects(Aviation, satellites, GNSS, Power Grids, Communications) 5. NEWS and announcement of of KSWC - The KSWC(Korean Space Weather Center) of RRA(Radio Research Agency) - http://www.spaceweather.go.kr - E-mail - spaceweather@msip.go.kr