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Ladys Calendar Lucid is the simple version of Ladys Calendar You can manage「Menstruation」「Temparature」and 「Health」with Ladys Calendar You can also manage 「Schedule」with Ladys Calendar Wiz You want to a simple app for just managing 「Menstruation」? Chose Ladys Calendar Lucid You can select from 3 different types of Ladys Calendar and download a favorite one Paid-for version Ladys users, please download first free version of Ladys Lucid. The advertisement may not be displayed. There are 4 different designs 「Dog」「Cat」「Flower1」「Flower2」and 3 colors. You can combine design and color you like to customize the calendar. Open the Ladys Calendar(not Lucid), press Menu → More → Backup and select Export SDcard to save the data. Download free version of Ladys Lucid, Menu → Backup → Import LadysCalendar to import your data for Ladys Lucid. *Base Setting* 1. The initial window is 「Base Setting」. 2. Please select a design and a color, set your menstrual cycle, period and day of ovulation. 3. If you have irregular cycle, please check the checkbox so that it will calculate the cycle the average of past 3 times data. Press OK, go back to the calendar. 4. Tap the place 「Touch here to register」to save your past menstrual data. *Calendars buttons (from the left)* 1.「Today」button:Go back to the todays date. 2.「Left」&「Right」button:Move the date left to right. 3.「List」button:You can see the list of the saved data. *How to Register* 1. Select the start date on the calendar, tap the place 「Touch here to register」. 2. Move to the Registration Window. *Registration* 1.「Menstrual Start」:Check here when your period starts. 2.「End」:Check here when your period ends. 3.「Sex」:Check here then a heart mark will be displayed on the date. 4.「Memo」:You can save memo or diary. 5. Press 「Back」button of the mobile to save. *Menu Buttons* 1.「Base Setting」:You can edit Base Setting. 2.「Password」:Set a password. 3.「Mark」:You can add marks on the calendar. 4.「Setting Mark」:You can select marks that you only use. 5.「Setting」:Customize the calendar. 6.「Backup」:Save the date to SD card.

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