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Auto Answer mobile phone app. From Android5.0 because it does not work because there is a limit on the security Notes You can use it in conjunction with the application as a simple answering machine call recording Sumaho. Please use since there is TelRecPro / Free zSuperRecorder call recording application is available from me. Setting will only work an item, simply select the number of seconds in the incoming 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds. Behavior is review the SO-01B Android2.3.3./SC-03D/SO-01C Also, I think that you can use it more available in other call recording app. Although only receive incoming calls automatically, simply become a silent incoming messages can not be sent when the called party. In addition, as the auto-disconnect, depending on the situation, and then cut roughly in about 52 seconds. Although Ive tried to ring the incoming message when, what specification of Android, you can not transmit well. Also, you can control to some extent if it is within 10 seconds to disconnect, but I think depending on the terminal uniformly control for more than 10 seconds, not only cut 52 seconds, the display has a setting item to the main screen However, operation is not possible. What is not being recorded voice says the kit comes in automatic, automatic call recording is working, ー Hello, Huh.....?, ーーーー Hello and. By using it in combination with a call recording application, I think that I can use voice mail as an application aid (easy) Simple. Since this app does not have recording capability only, separately, to be prepared automatic call recording app. ? ZSuperRecorder # t = W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImpwLmNvLnplYnJhc29mdC5hbmRyb2lkLnpzdXBlcnJlY29yZGVyIl0: We recommend the author. Tamayan auto hook Answering machine Auto answer

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