Laser Pointer Simulator 2



simulated laser pointer app 2 Get the 4 simulated laser pointers and have fun playing free Simulated Laser Pointer App version 2 for Android phones and tablets supported since version 2.3. *** The application of laser pointer is a game, not a real laser pointer, only simulate the laser beam on the screen of your mobile phone *** Introducing version 2 of the application of laser pointer simulated for Android phones and tablets. The new simulator laser pointer incorporates 4 new laser pointers and the ability to unlock the strobe light of your android device, either a phone or tablet as long as this device has the flash light built into the camera. Just start find two options on the main screen, the first will take you to the exciting world of simulated laser pointers and the second to the fabulous world of game birds flying across the ocean. Choose her first choice to start using your first free app laser pointer. Click on the first laser pen and enters the screen shots. Click on the laser pointer and a green laser fire lightning suddenly appear with special laser sound effect. Turns sound effects and vibration mode on your android device. Hold the pointer and lightning freeze, press repeatedly and thousands of lightning will shoot, this pointer is never exhausted, shoot as many rays as you want, but this is just the beginning, the fun has just begun ... you see you can not make use of the flash light is blocked for this from the beginning, your challenge will be to get unlock the flash light to use, but this first need to get activate all laser pointers. There are four different models of laser pens, the first since youre using, to use others first must get free to go desbloqueándolos coins, how to get these coins is playing the game birds that incorporates this wonderful app, you can access the game birds from the main menu of the app or from any screen by clicking on the icon. Each laser pointer purchase you get is a different pointer, each emits laser beams of different colors, green, blue, purple ... and also emits different special sound effects. Once youve gotten activate all laser pointers then comes the big challenge ... unlock the flash strobe light, so long as disparate a laser flash light of your device will light synchronized with each halo of light, to hold the pointer and having the flash light Strobe activated then see flashes and flickers. You can get 500 free coins to have all the unlocked game. Open the game birds and starts to fly over the sea. Choose to play in portrait mode or in landscape mode, now you must choose the bird you want to live the adventure. There are several different birds each color, blue bird, red bird, orange, pink, ... choose the one you like. The gameplay is very simple, touch on the screen of your phone once and bird take flight a little, stops playing and the poor bird will fall into the sea by the effect of gravity. Press repeatedly to maintain a constant flight and try to pass between the water columns that appear continuously and do not forget to grab every coin that is between the water columns. For every coin you catch will increase your balance and see how easy it is to get 500 coins you need to unlock all laser pointers. You also have infinite lives so every time you fall to the ocean can resume your flight and keep your coins. Thank you for downloading the second version of laser simulated game app and celebrate 1 million downloads.

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